How to decopatch

How to Decopatch .

Take an object This can be anything from a old vase or a frame or one of our decopatch animals. lizzard

Select your decopatch papers.

Tear your decopatch papers into small bits this is equal to the size of the object you are going to cover, or you may like to cut the pattens out on the paper to make it even more unique to you.

Use the Decopatch glue Varnish with a Decopatch brush. The Decopatch glue varnish is called paperpatch and it is made for the use with Decopatch paper . The glue comes in 3 sizes.

Put a small amont of glue on to the object where you are going to start Decopatching. with the Decopatch brush pick up a peice of the Decopatch paper and put the paper over the top of the glue. work from the outside and brush the paper down on the object . Put some more Decopatch glue over the top of the paper.

Repeat this slightly overlapping the papers until you have completed your object.

Do not use to much glue as this make the paper crease. Leave the object to dry this will not take long. When you have compleated the whole of your project you can varnish it if you want to keep your object outside or in a bathroom this gives it extra protection.

That is it you can now Decopatch anything you like. the papers used on this object are papers 448 484 301 299 and 499 .